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Wax melts are small, scented pieces of wax designed to be gently heated to release their stunning fragrance. They're like candles but without the wick, you simply melt the wax using either an electric burner or a tealight heated burner.


The luxury of wax melts is you get to control the amount of fragrance and how mild or stong you would like the melt  to be, you simply add more or less melts to the well of your burner


Using a classic tealight heated burner (for example, one made from ceramic, glass or metal) these can be purchased here. Place your wax melt into the top dished area and then heat from below with a lit tea light. Please ensure the tea light is unscented.

If using an electric burner, place  either one or two pieces of your favourite wax melt into the dished area of the burner. Next, you can simply switch the burner on to heat and melt the wax, releasing the fragrance, filling the room with a beautiful aroma.

Electric burners can be great as they are a flame-free option. Some wax melt users with young children, for example, favour these burners as they’re viewed as a safer alternative.


With candles the whole of the wax melts away, but with wax melts only the scent dissipates. This means that the scent will go away, but the wax will remain, so you simply change the used wax melt and replace it with a new one.


The easiest and safest way to remove your wax melt from your burner is to heat the wax melt for around 40 seconds or until it starts to slightly melt around the edges using a clean cotton pad push gentley on the wax melt and it should simply slide straight out. Once the melt is removed, using a soapy sponge clean the dish area to remove the previous fragrance. Clean and dry with a clean cloth.


If you get hot wax on your skin, wash with plenty of soap and water straight away. If skin irritation or a rash occurs, make sure you seek medical advice/attention straight away.


No, our fragrance oils are very similar to your favouire brands and scents. However, we are in no way affiliated with the designer company.


Your customer journey is very important to us and we strive to make your online shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.


We hope you love your products, however if you are not notified with them please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the purchase to notify us of the problem. You can request a return or exchange if the product is in the original condition and packaging. By original packaging we mean that there are no marks, scratches or chips and cracks on the product and that the products packaging has not been opened, used or damaged and that the product is in a re-saleable condition. If the product is not in its original packaging or is damaged in any way we are not obliged to refund you.


To initiate a return, please send an email to: with a list of any items you are wishing to return, the order reference number and the reason for return. You are responsible for paying the return postage costs. We suggest that you use a signed for service to guarantee proof of delivery back to ourselves, Please ensure the items are securely wrapped as this is your responsibility to ensure items are re-saleable.


Any products given as a gift can only be returned, refunded or exchanged by the original purchaser.  


Wax Melts £5.00


Our gorgeous wax melts are lovingly hand made and hand poured, they are naturally plant based and all our wax melts are made with soy wax.


Each tray contains 6 beautifully fragranced wax melts. The luxury with wax melts is you can control how mild or strong you would like the scent simply take out 1 cube at a time and place into the well of your burner and build until you  have your desired scent throw which will give you hours of fragrance within your home.

Each packet of wax melts contains 6 cubes of fragranced wax. Simply take out 1 cube at a time and place onto your wax burner for hours of beautiful fragrance release.

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