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Thank you for visiting The Hayley Ellis Beauty Academy, if you are looking to get into the glamorous world of beauty then please look no further. 

Are you already a Beauty Therapist looking to expand and add more treatments to your portfolio? Maybe you're a university student needing an extra income to pay for that next night out? are you a professional looking for a career change, to do something a little bit different? Or completely fed up in your job and plucked up the courage to learn something new?  


Whatever your age or reasons for wanting to book one of our wonderful courses, at The Hayley Ellis Beauty Academy we welcome each and every one of you. Trust me you will learn lots, have fun, and make new friends along the way leaving each course excited for what the future will bring. 


A little bit about me: Hi I'm Hayley, I am the founder and CEO of The Hayley Ellis Beauty Academy. I started my career out in the world of HR, business and training. I am fully chartered and have a Masters in Training. I have worked for Harvey Nichols, Virgin, and Paul Smith to name a few. However, my passion has always been to teach. 


Having always loved the industry I enrolled on to various beauty courses, working hard and mastering the skills needed. I then set up my own beauty business from home and have built a loyal client base where I also provide mobile beauty treatments.​


I absolutely love what I do and I have never looked back! However, for me I wanted to teach and use my 14 years of training experience to help others achieve their goals within this industry. 


I gained my teaching qualification and decided that combining the two would be a dream come true. Gaining my teaching qualification meant I could freelance as a Beauty Lecturer where I travelled extensively throughout the UK delivering fast track beauty accredited courses, this inspired me to create something really special 'The Hayley Ellis Beauty Academy' a service which is affordable, professional and aimed at people who want to make a real difference. ​


Education is really important to me and it should be accessible for everyone at all ages. I hope my pricing reflects this! If you are a student who wants to get into the industry but struggling to get the funds together or a professional but unsure if this is the right pathway and don’t want to spend thousands, then our fast track same day accredited courses will allow you to get same day Public Liability Insurance and you can start building a client base straight away. Well with a little practice of course! Basically I was in your shoes at one point, and the ethos around my Academy is to make education and training accessible for everyone. 

All I ask from my students is that they attend the course with an open mind, to have passion, a need and want to learn and to treat each other with respect. 

Who you want to be, whether you know the answer or not, you are answering it everyday through your actions.

This one question will define your professional success more than any other. How you treat people means everything, either you lift people up by respecting them and making them feel valued or you make people feel excluded and under valued.

Who you choose to be means everything. Therefore, all that I ask when you attend our courses is to show respect to one another, to be nice, to be warm, welcoming and friendly. A civil environment is much more productive, creative, happy and healthy.


I want each and every student to leave our courses feeling excited, confident and having loved every minute. So if this sounds like your kind of environment then I can’t wait to meet you. If you do have any questions about any of our courses, please feel free to get in contact and we will happily discuss them with you.

Hayley Ellis

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